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Forklift Control System for the optimization and control of the internal forklift traffic

With my-Fenix-Forklift Control System, the company my-Fenix-Software offers important specialized software from the field of logistical software. A Forklift Control System is usually used in companies where there are many internal transports to make. These can be either between different hangars on the work premises, or between different machines in a production hall. The job of the Forklift control system is to set assignments to the different industrial transport vehicles, like forklifts, tractors and route trains. A forklift terminal is usually set for the industrial transport machines, which is provided with assignments by the Forklift Control System through Wi-Fi. The goal is to utilize the transportation vehicles and load them as evenly and optimally as possible. In the process, there can be set rules as to which transports should be completed with what type of vehicles.

Different types of devices in the Forklift Control System

The different types of devices and vehicles are part of the basic configurations of the Forklift Control System. Similar vehicles are regarded as a type. Moreover, each vehicle is considered in this system a device. On both levels (that of the types and that of the devices), there are different settings and configurations possible. A home-sector can be set to each device. Moreover, interdictions for specific sectors can be set, or one can configure exceptional places. Another possibility of configuration which the Forklift Control System provides assigns the transportable transport tool types to the different device types.

Transport assignments for the Forklift Control System

Transport assignments can be set through the Forklift Control System in different ways. There is the possibility to send the transport assignments via other systems such as ERP-Systems or Production Planning Systems. Alternatively, the assignments can also be set through a simple gathering mask from the Forklift Control System. It is possible for administrative staff to set templates for stable, unchanging transport assignments. For example, the operator of a production machine can then set his transport assignment very easily, with just a few clicks.

Input of transport assignments

At the creation of a transport assignment in the Forklift Control System, a transport receipt is printed, which should be attached to the transported goods for identification.

printed transport receipt

When an interface of another system is in use, transport assignments can of course be reported as completed, after they are finished.

Possible optimizations through the Forklift Control System

The situation before the introduction of the Forklift Control System in a company usually looks like this: many forklifts work more or less uncontrolled on the premises. The forklift drivers have telephones and the transports are assigned based on phone calls. If a forklift driver is contacted in a short period of time by different persons who ask for transports, a caller can already be forgotten about. And that’s usually the most important and urgent transport.
In my-Fenix-Forklift Control System, the transport assignments are prioritized automatically through the system, based on rules set earlier by the administrative staff. The automatic prioritizing works in the Forklift Control System based on the location of the goods and the time at hand, information which can already be found in the system. Different sectors can be assigned to the utilized forklifts, so that no three forklifts suddenly go to the same place at the same time.

Possible optimizations through the Forklift Control System in an overview:

  • automatic prioritizing of the transport assignments through the Forklift Control System
  • automatic distribution of optimal transports to free Forklifts
  • avoidance of empty or search rides
  • choice of a Forklift in the proximity by calculating the route length
  • practical combination of transport assignments which can be completed together
  • assuring that no transport assignment is forgotten
  • protocol and documentation of the transport routes and timings for evaluation purposes

Joint execution of grouped transport assignments

My-Fenix-Forklift Control System offers the possibility to group transports with the same goal. For example, when small boxes must be transported, these can be grouped on a carrier palette or a trailer. These grouped transports can be processed together in the Forklift Control System and then possibly separately reported as completed to the host system.

Management and control of tugger train

With help of a module of my-Fenix-Forklift Control System, it is possible to control and guide a tugger train. Specific places can be configured for each vehicle. Here we talk about palette loading slots, but also about shelf spaces on the trailers of the tugger train.
A fixed route is set for the tugger train in the Forklift Control System. Along this route, transport units with suitable transport assignments are collected at configurable periods of time and put back on the matching destination spaces.
At the time of the loading of the tugger train, the transport units are booked on spaces on the tugger train. Through this step, at the introduction of a transport unit in the system, its exact place on the tugger train can be found afterwards. This feature helps avoid long search times and minimizes the loading and unloading times. Moreover, through the specification of the exact place on the tugger train, the danger of confusions at the time of unloading sinks.

Forklift Control System-Login

Forklift Control System - collecting transport unit

Forklift Control System - give off at destination