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Optimal transport logistics! This is the aspiration of our transport control system!

Our transport control system my-Fenix-Staplerleitsystem will also optimises your transport logistics. Contact us and let our logistics software and our Know How are convincing. We would be pleased to present our system to you at your premises. Contact us at and make an appointment.

Our transport control system supports the control of forklifts and other industrial trucks in different areas of your plant and of course also the execution of transports. between these areas. Numerous possible configurations allow an optimal, transport execution controlled by rules and parameters.

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The transport control system can also be extended by a controller for route trains. Storage locations are managed on the route train. The transported goods will be assigned to these storage locations when they are loaded. When unloading, the storage locations will be displayed again. This solution enables the use of a route train even for many small loads. The driver of the route train is supported by the transport control system. At the delivery of a transport good, the correct execution of the transports will be supervised. This is how the transport control system ensures high quality in the execution of the transports in your company. Due to reliable processes and good guidance through the transport wrong transports will be avoided by the transport control system.

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Via interfaces, our transport control system, can be flexibly connected to other systems. SAP is also a possible coupling partner for the transfer of transport requests. as any other ERP system, production planning system or production data acquisition system. Also special customer developed solutions can be connected via various interface technologies. This is how our transport control system gets to a networked component in your IT logistics structure.

As a flexible transport control system, our logistics software grows with the requirements of our customers. If you have special requirements, needs or wishes, we adapt our transport control system individually to your requirements. True to the slogan "There is no such thing as impossible!" we develop your personal transport control system for the optimization of your in-house logistic transports.

Basic module warehouse management

As a bonus feature, our transport control system offers the possibilities of using a included simple Warehouse Management Software. Transport orders can be can be stored in special places according to the user's specifications. The transport orders will be temporarily parked/paused. For example, if the parked material is needed in the production or shipping area, it can be ordered via a request function of the transport control system. The request makes, the transfer order becomes active again. It will be automatically scheduled for processing by the transport control system.

Priority control within the transport control system

As professional logistics software, our transport control system naturally offers the option of manual prioritization of transport orders. But this function should only be used in very special cases. For normal control of the priorities, we have developed an automatic solution. Depending on location of the goods to be transported, the priorities are determined on the basis of specifications by administrative operator automatically. Experience has shown that rigid priorities often lead to problems you can configure changes in priorities over time. This dynamic priority control makes your transport control system to a flexible logistics software, which can also react intelligently to volatility in transport volumes.